Skateboarding Basics

Now that we have established that skateboarding is very attractive, it must also be stated that not everyone can do magic with a skateboard.

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The good news is that even the most prolific and most talented of skateboarders today were once amateurs.


This piece will focus on all you need to know about some of the most important basics of skateboarding.

master of the pavement.

The next stage is how you become a master of the pavement. Remember, at this stage,

Focus on your balance

Once you have concluded in your mind that skateboarding is for you, the next thing for you to do is to focus on your balance

Then with time, you build on these fundamental steps and become so good that you can even invent your own customized styles. That is how all the best of skaters started.

Board Materials Used

If you want to enjoy your skateboard, then the most important factor to consider is nothing but the quality.

Selecting the Best Skateboards

Skateboarding is no doubt one of the most popular sports on the planet. All you need to do to confirm this is to check the sheer number of clips of skateboarding littering every corner of the Internet.

Overall Construction

overall construction

What makes a skateboard perfect is not just one single component but the overall construction.

Wheels and Bearings

The wheels and bearings are responsible for the motion of the entire skateboard. Without them

Skateboard Safety

Skateboarding is so popular across the globe that there is really no need to introduce it here.

9 Holes


18 Holes


Monthly Access

Starting at $130 per month

Annual Membership

Starting at $130 per month

Clumb Membership

Starting at $80 per month. 20% Off all rates and course purchase.

Adequate Safety Gear

Whatever routine you want to carry out in skateboarding, the full safety gear kit must always be used.

Safety gear

Once it has been established that the safety gear is complete and in place, the next set of safety precautions that the skater must adhere to have to do with the locations and areas where the skateboarding will be done

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4 Ways to Keep Kids Busy This Summer

4 Ways to Keep Kids Busy This Summer

Summertime merriment and joy is often cut short when your kids are home without daily schoolwork keeping them busy and intellectually stimulated. Whether you are a stay-at-home parent or working on a tight schedule, it can get awfully rough when your children fall prey to boredom and create mischief.

Keeping your children occupied with activities that enhance their longing and provide an endless source of fun is a great solution. It requires quite a bit of planning however, so we have shortlisted ways to preserve your everyday hectic routine and keep your kids busy this summer!

Visit New Local Parks

If you are situated in a metropolitan area, you can avail this opportunity and explore neighbourhood parks that you have never seen or heard of before like indoor rock climbing st leonards. Plan a picnic and let your kids help with cooking and making necessary arrangements which is sure to keep them engaged and entertained. Alternatively, if you own a pet, you could take it along with the kids and spent the afternoon playing games and giving your kids ample exercise. Or if you would rather spend some quiet time, reading your favourite book, then you could enjoy the outdoors while doing what you love and letting your kids enjoy the summer sun.    

Grow a Garden

Children today dedicate a significant portion of their time to different electronic devices. When summer rolls in, kids spend their days playing video games or watching TV all day. A healthier alternative is encouraging a love of the great outdoors, especially during the evergreen summer season. Whether you live in the hustle bustle of the city or in the quiet suburbs, teaching your child how to grow and maintain a garden benefits your child in more ways than one and goes beyond mere summer entertainment. In case of limited space, your child would equally enjoy looking after summer blooms inside a container, or you could plan an entire garden patch of mint, carrots, cucumbers and even a variety of fruits.

Growing a garden exposes your child to fresh air and teaches them responsibility by caring for the plants in order to see results of their hard labour. The Goddard School of Early Childhood Development concurs that teaching children essential skills such as planting, and gardening keeps them active and healthy.

Go Backyard Camping

Looking for a way to keep your kids busy and ensure absolute fun? There is no better solution than backyard camping. You do not necessarily have to travel to the woods to go camping. If you are equipped with the basic equipment such as a tent and flashlights, then you can set up the perfect camping spot that your kids are sure to love. You could double the fun by adding small activities to the list like scavenger hunt or finding lost treasure around the yard. In addition, you could also let the kids play in the tent during the day where they are free to turn it into a grand fort, a spaceship or anything else they imagine.

Create a Craft Station

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to invest too much money or resources in a craft station for your kids. Utilizing newspapers, magazines, toilet paper rolls and old crayons, coupled with the essentials such as glue, tape and scissors are enough to help your child create something. Nurture your children’s creativity by giving them ideas and assisting them in their artistic endeavours. You could also let your kids explore social media sites such as Pinterest for bursts of inspiration and creative new ideas.  



Juggling your work routine and looking after kids during summer can be immensely stressful. Keeping your children invested in creative, social and skill-building activities can be extremely helpful and provide the little ones with ample entertainment, giving you enough time to relax and enjoy the summer bloom.


5 Things That Are Affecting Your Football Game Performance

5 Things That Are Affecting Your Football Game Performance

Picking up football as a hobby at any age provides many benefits. Whether you start playing in your backyard or you start training to go professional, you can start experiencing health benefits in a couple of days. From a boost to your self-esteem to an enhanced energy level throughout the day, playing football can impact your life significantly.

That said, your success in football and what you can expect out of the whole experience, it all depends on a variety of factors. A lot of physical and mental factors affect your in-game performance. So, if you believe you are lagging somewhere try to consider the following factors to bring your A-game next time you hit the field.


The muscles you work on in the gym aren’t the only ones impacting your physical performance. Your heart, which sits at the center of your cardiovascular system, is crucial in delivering oxygenated blood across your body. This helps your throw, jump and run. If you feel like you are lagging, you can try to improve the cardiovascular capacity of your body. You can pick up some cardio-exercises, dance or a combination of both.

Proper attire

Wearing sportswear during your workout or a game helps a lot. For starters, it helps by absorbing sweat better than your regular clothes and helping you easily. Which is why they have sports uniforms melbourne. When you play while wearing sportswear, you don’t have to worry about rips or chafing because they are designed to be flexible enough to take all of it. It is skin-friendly as it avoids friction and allows you to keep playing without the fear of burns or any related skin problems. That goes for men and women alike.


An irregular diet can impact anyone’s performance. Professional players have diets specifically tailored to their sport or body condition. For instance, a long-distance runner would have to eat a lot of carbohydrates because the sport requires a lot of energy. For football, you can find a plethora of diet plans online and try to get the most energy for your game.


The temperature could impact someone’s performance. A hot day would drain you during a game, making you dizzy due to the shortage of water in the body. You would be dehydrated and lose consciousness as a result. During cold temperatures, your joints will cease up over time and leave them aching. So, try to maintain a mild temperature to maximize your efficiency.

Tactical thinking

Many sports require mental work just as much as muscular work. Thinking strategically will allow you to predict the next step of your opponent and counter it effectively. You’ll develop a deep understanding of your opponents and the game, allowing you to win with ease. So, make sure to exercise your brain just as much and elevate your strategy.


What is Skateboarding Across the World Like?

What is Skateboarding Across the World Like?

  In various parts of the world, skateboarding clearly stands out as one of the most popular and well-loved action sports. Accomplished with a simple skateboard, this sport is not going anywhere anytime soon – it has surely come to stay. One of the most intriguing things with skateboarding is that it is steadily modified by the skaters over the years. In other words, there are no fixed or rigid rules that guide the sport. This explains why many youths and millennials connect the game with their idea of freedom and exploration.

Now worth almost $5 billion, skateboarding is a very huge market with the sales of all related merchandise running into mind-boggling revenues on a yearly basis. For you to know how advanced and accepted skateboarding is, it will be represented in 2020 in the Olympics in Japan. In many nations, there are specially-constructed skateparks that have been put in place for skateboarders to utilize to the fullest. These skateparks often have all the needed facilities that will make any skateboarder happy and more than delighted.

It is very interesting to see how skateboarding has evolved over time – from wooden boxes to high-tech maple wood veneer board decks. For something that started out as a kind of hobby to what is now a sport recognized and loved all over the globe, it is surely an excellent voyage for the pioneers of the energetic game. But how did skateboarding manage to become wildly popular in a world filled with various kinds of sporting activities?

Well, there is no way one will talk about the spread and popularity of skateboarding without mentioning the role played by the American movie industry. Hollywood really made skateboarding famous with its powerful productions that were devoted entirely to what was then regarded as an emerging subculture. It was around that same time that a similar effect was observed in the world of surfing. Movies played a very prominent role in the promotion of both skateboarding and surfing. This practice was most visible during the 1980s especially in the United States of America.

As there is now an international body that oversees the sport, there are regularized and standardized gear that professional skateboarders can always make use of. Just as expected, skateboarding has not escaped its own fair share of controversy and criticism in different parts of the world. Some blame the sport for the destruction of public property while others deride the sport because of safety issues. Injuries can occur in skateboarding, but this can be reduced to the barest minimum if all those involved adhere to the standardized safety guidelines and procedures. Having survived all the challenges over the decades, it is very clear that skateboarding is not going anywhere anytime soon.

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