How to Join the Club of the Celebrity Skateboarders

One of the most popular sporting and leisure activities anywhere on the planet is a skateboard. In Australia, stars like Jake Brown and Shane O’Neill have become celebrity skateboarders for their outstanding success with the board. With this celebrity status comes a lot of perks, benefits, and advantages. This piece stipulates the steps that even the amateurs and beginners, the following sections of this article will focus on these and precisely how to go about it:

  • Learning:

    Just like in any other sport or worthy activity, anyone interested in becoming a celebrity skateboarder has to dedicate all the time and resources needed to learn. Yes, learn. Skateboarding is composed of various styles, moves, techniques, and tips. A common thread that runs through all celebrity skateboarders is that they have mastered all these.

Without learning and mastering all that is related to and about skateboarding, there will be no chance to rise to the superstar status. There are various ways one can learn, one can simply hire a teacher who specializes in the art of skateboarding or visit and study the art at the nearest skateboarding camp or academy. In this century, another very effective way to learn about skateboarding is to make use of the Internet. However, whatever is learned in theory has to be put into practice for it to be any useful.

  • Practice

After relentless learning, the next step that must be taken is to leave the classroom and practice all that has been memorized. Practice truly makes perfect, and this is very applicable to skateboarding. The more you practice, the better you will get at mastering the techniques and even at the end of the day, invent your own customized styles as well.

  • Competition

For those who want to become celebrity skateboarders, they have to approach skateboarding as a competitive sport. Fortunately for those in this category, there are several competitive tournaments, events, and tours available for skateboarding. Register and enter for the ones nearest to you and work your way up. The more competitive entries a skateboarder participates in, the higher the chances of becoming a superstar achiever in this sector.

  • Media Coverage

How did you hear of the skateboard superstars and celebrity skaters? Most likely from the media. For those who can afford it, it is important to let the media cover even the tiniest of successes recorded. Half of superstardom is the media, and this should not be brushed aside. However, it must be stressed once again that this is going to be an option only for those who have the deep pockets to pay media officials like reporters, journalists, producers and other workers of media outlets.