Important Tips on Skateboard Safety

Skateboarding is so popular across the globe that there is really no need to introduce it here. Wildly popular and enjoyed by millions of people, skateboarding is undoubtedly here to stay. However, there is another side to skateboarding that many are not well-informed about – and this has to do with the safety.

While anyone will agree that the sport is meant to be enjoyed, even more will agree that safety should always come first before any form of pleasure. Once safety measures are put in place, skateboarding or any other sport can be fully enjoyed without any problem. This is precisely why this article is about important tips on skateboard safety. Without the proper safety measures in place, skaters can sustain very serious injuries and get involved in devastating accidents. As a matter of fact, even innocent pedestrians can also get involved in these mishaps. Therefore, safety is in the interest of everyone – skaters and non-skaters alike.

Everything regarding safety in skateboarding is geared towards only one thing – protection.

  • Adequate Safety Gear

Whatever routine you want to carry out in skateboarding, the full safety gear kit must always be used. A standard safety will contain the following and are all considered to be most fundamental:

  • Helmet: It is always better to use the helmets that are specially designed for skaters. Never attempt to use a skateboard without putting on your helmet.
  • Goggles: Very excellent for protection of your eyes.
  • Slip-proof shoes: These type of skating shoes grip well and will not allow you to slip even on wet surfaces.
  • Pads: These are typically for the protection of the knees and the elbows. Closely associated with these pads are also guards to protect the wrist joints in case the skater falls.

Once it has been established that the safety gear is complete and in place, the next set of safety precautions that the skater must adhere to have to do with the locations and areas where the skateboarding will be done. This is very noteworthy as not all areas are ideal for skaters.

For instance, skaters should ensure they ride only on surfaces that are very smooth and free from all sorts of items. But that is not all as the surface is not the only thing to watch out for concerning safety.

Skaters should also never do their sport on the streets (this is probably the most dangerous thing to do as a skater), and the same rule applies to all types of skaters either amateurs or professionals. Stick to areas specifically designated for skateboarding only and not general vehicular traffic. Water-covered surfaces and skating while listening to music must also be avoided under all circumstances.